Dad’s Chapel
Dad’s Chapel is a special opportunity for father's to demonstrate leadership in worship. Throughout the year, each father of a school family will have several opportunities to lead a brief biblical teaching and/or activity with the children in morning worship. This is a unique chance to connect with the children and the worship program. Dads leading bible study time signifies the father as the spiritual leader of the family and is at the core of the moral character that we are impressing upon the hearts of our children. It is powerful to see the fruit from these simple lessons when they are delivered by a "dad."

Mom’s Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month. This is a time to visit, refresh, and recharge. Hailed by many as "one of my favorite aspects of LCCS,"  moms and teachers come together to share school, teaching tips and life. Teachers are available for private appointments.

Homeschool Workshops
These training sessions will cover a wide range of topics from the basics of homeschooling to the intricacies of various curriculums. They are designed to create continuity between home and school and to bring peace and understanding to LCCS moms about the materials and their roles as teachers within each subject. Currently these are scheduled to occur during the Mom's Meetings.

Family Fun Events
Our community of families come together occasionally to enjoy activities that grow us closer together outside of the daily joy of doing life together. We focus on activities that are unrelated to school and give each family a chance to relax in a setting that encourages enjoying each others company. Examples include, going bowling, attending professional sporting events and cookouts.


Parent Volunteers
In conjunction with the homeschooling component of our school, each parent prepares to volunteer, if needed, in our classrooms or as the MOD (Mom of the Day). Our administration will align the strengths of each parent in a capacity to serve the greater needs of our children. What is expected by LCCS is that each parent be willing to participate in the classroom from time to time to further create community among families. While each family is assigned a few days out of the year to be MOD or work in the classroom, we hope this will not be seen as a mandate for participation, but a willing act of service. The school could not survive without the tremendous help from the parents.



What Makes You Happy?  The students of LCCS know the answer. Check out the "commercial" we made on how to find true happiness and joy!




Merry Christmas! The students of LCCS would like to recite Psalm 103 for you as a gift. May we never "forget all His benefits."