Beginner Group Ukulele

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Beginner Group Ukulele


Instructor: Jake Willis
Email: j
Grades: 2nd-4th
Monthly Cost: $40

Materials Fee: $45
Time: 10:00-10:55

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Our beginner group ukulele class is ideal for kids how have never played an instrument before and want to start learning what music is all about! It's also great for kids who already have played other instruments and want to learn something new. With ukuleles just the right size for our elementary age students, we'll be learning about learning chords and rhythms. And, of course, we'll learn how to play some very fun songs and sing along! We'll also be doing activities together and playing games that help us learn about other musical concepts like music theory, instrumentation, or rhythm. I'm looking forward to rocking out on the ukulele together this year!

*Ukuleles will be provided in the classroom. It would be great if you wanted to purchase one for your child to practice on at home as well, but it is not required.