Reading Comprehension 3rd-6th


Reading Comprehension 3rd-6th


Instructor: Tiffany Norwood

Grades: 3rd-6th
Monthly Cost: $33
Material Fee: $25
Time: 12:15-1:10

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Let's learn to dig deep when reading! For this class your child must be able to read and write on his/her own. We will be building comprehension skills, which must come after learning to read. 
The skills we will be learning are the foundation of good reading comprehension. It will be beneficial for children beginning these skills or as a review for children who already know these skills. Students will be introduced to the skill, then taught how to apply the skill while reading. (Students will be given texts on their level.)  We will learn through a multi-sensory approach so come ready to interact and learn. Skills are: genre, author’s purpose, narrative elements, relating to text, prediction, fact and opinion, sequencing, compare/contrast, problem/solution, supporting details, cause and effect, main idea, context clues, character analysis, inferences, theme/moral, summarizing, author’s style/tone, and figurative language. We will go over these skills the first half of the year using different genres. The second half of the year we will dig deeper using all of these skills as we read 3-4 different chapter books.