Tuition and Fees 

LCCS is a non-profit organization desiring to keep tuition affordable for families. Discounts for families with multiple students are offered when possible and fundraising dollars are applied directly to expenses to reduce costs. Each year, tuition fees are re-evaluated to ensure income equals expenses.  The size of the incoming class, staff needed and fundraising results factor into the tuition equation. 

2018-2019 Tuition Schedule

$4,800 annually



Families with multiple children are offered a half price tuition discount for siblings ($2,400 annually). However, if your family is financial able to pay the full $4,800 tuition for each enrolled student, please consider doing so.

Your additional payment will be credited as a tax exempt donation that will be used for things such as enhancing teacher salaries, embellishing curriculum and assuring the future of LCCS in the upcoming years.


  • As a convenience to parents, the tuition may be paid in full or in ten monthly installments, which are due the first of each month beginning September 1.
  • Book fees are not included in the annual tution. Over the summer, each family will receive a complete list of books and materials needed and is responsible for acquiring the materials before the start of school.
  • Each child must have a complete and current CUM Report on file prior to the start of school. This file includes but is not limited to: student birth certificate, transfer of previous school records, South Carolina immunization records, pertinent student and family information, and an emergency authorization form.
  • Any family applying to Lowcountry Christian Community School who may have previously attended the school, but are not currently enrolled in the school, are required to meet the same admissions criteria as new families. Any family who resigns from the school after the start of the school year will still be responsible for the remainder of the year's tuition and financial obligations outlined in the financial agreement.
  • The school reserves the right to dismiss or refuse to re-enroll a child. In the unfortunate event of dismissal, the tuition charges will be pro-rated to the last day of attendance.