Admissions Policy

Lowcountry Christian Community School is open to families who are striving daily to fill their children’s hearts with Biblical virtues and who desire a support network where moral innocence is valued over worldly wisdom. Pre and post enrollment requirements for the Community School are that both parents:

  • be dedicated Christians.

  • complete a Growing Kid's God's Way or Parenting from the Tree of Life Series parenting class by the fall of the year of matriculation.

  • complete Protecting the Innocence of Childhood.

  • class must take or lead 2 of the following GFI courses or reviews every 3 years:

    • Growing Kid's God's Way

    • Parenting from the Tree of Life Series or Growing Kid's God's Way review course by LCCS,

    • Protecting the Innocence of Childhood

    • The Middle Years

    • attend a GFI conference

It is the desire of the Community School that a family wanting to become a part of the school enroll all of their school-aged children in the school or homeschool any child who would not be enrolled. Additionally, the board reserves the right to require any child coming from another school to be homeschooled for one year prior to entering LCCS. Once the pre-enrollment requirements are met and full understanding of the mission of LCCS is obtained, an interested applicant would complete the following steps:

  1. Prayerfully and thoroughly consider the Community School as an education option, based on what God is saying.

  2. Attend a Community School Open House, typically held on the last Friday of each month.

  3. Submit a completed application to the school, along with the $175.00 non-refundable student application fee by March 30th.

  4. Parents take part in an interview with the school administrator, a member of the LCCS Board of Directors, and/or a pre-selected interview couple to ensure full understanding.

  5. The child takes part in an interview to determine readiness.

  6. Upon review of the above by the Community School Board, the family will receive notification regarding the status of the application.

  7. When necessary or desired, the administrator will meet with the child to assess proper grade placement.

General Admissions Policy

Pre-enrollment will take place in February with an application deadline of March 30th.

Re-enrollment by April 15th will secure a place for the student in the fall, provided the family's tuition is kept current or paid in full.  Returning families may complete a Sibling Application by April 15th.